The best vehicle lift for your body shop.

14 February 2023
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Which is the best vehicle lift for your body shop?

Are you a coachbuilder with a specialized job that requires technique and mastery?
Who knows better than you that the use of high-performance professional equipment, quality products and tools are essential to:

-    repair scratches and dents on vehicle bodywork
-    replace damaged parts, straighten and level chassis and body
-    repaint, protect or embellish the bodywork with car wrapping

For a body shop, as well as for a workshop or a tyre specialist, the vehicle lift is one of the first equipment in which it is necessary to invest. It is essential to perform quality, fast and high-performance maintenance.
The vehicle lift is absolutely necessary for lifting the car and take access to the underbody.

But which is the most convenient and fastest professional lift to install in the body shop? How to avoid workshop excavations and masonry works as well as continuous and expensive lift maintenance?
If you are asking yourself these questions, here is the most suitable vehicle lift for your body shop:

K36-Thor. The extra-low double scissor lift with freestanding platforms!


Designed for bodywork job, it allows freedom of movement along the sides and access to the underbody. It is also cheaper than a two-post or inground lift, which require higher budgets and more complex masonry work.

Our K36-Thor has freestanding platforms without mechanical coupling, synchronized and hydraulic self-levelling, it is suitable for both underbody and bodywork maintenance, brakes, shock-absorbers and wheels.
Its minimum ground clearance of just 105 mm makes it ideal for floor installation, avoiding expensive masonry work in the workshop. Its extra low structure is also essential for lifting sports and racing vehicles with low suspension.

Would you like to know some more? Discover the complete range of our products for your bodywork and contact us for more information!

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