The lowest motorcycle scissor lift in the world.

19 February 2023
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If you are a motorcycle dealer, mechanic, repairer or tire specialist, you can’t do without a Nano inside your workshop. 

If, on the other hand, you are an importer or reseller of motorcycle lifts and premium garage equipment, you can only appreciate its uniqueness and functionality, so much as to want to include it in your product range.

Nano motorcyle lift

There’s nothing like the Nano!

There is no motorbike scissor lift like that!
Maybe you’re asking what makes it so unique and exceptional… let's find out together!

Three key features:

1) Thanks to its only 7.5 cm in height when closed, the Nano is the lowest and best performing floor-mounted and electro-hydraulic motorcycle lift in the world.  You can avoid to recess it into the floor and consequently the cost of unnecessary masonry and electrical works in the workshop are eliminated.

2) The hydraulic safety, which is always on and managed by a double cylinder with a self-lubricating system, is able to ensure maximum performance in both up and down phases.  The motorcycle lift height adjustments are endless because there is no mechanical block on the basement. No more time spent on activating and removing the traditional mechanical lever!

3) The retractable ramp flows inside the basement when the motorbike lift is open and in use, providing a completely unobstructed work space. The retractable ramp and extra-low configuration of the Nano allow a single person to load the bike on the lift in full speed and safety.

What will you gain? Performance, productivity and efficiency! 

Nano motorcycle lift for Ducati's workshop

But there’s more!

The Nano is entirely designed, manufactured and tested in Italy, in our Company.

In addition, a number of additional features and accessories make the Nano the most functional electro-hydraulic motorcycle lift on the market:

🔺 The removable gate for the easy disassembly of the rear wheel. 

🔺 The platform with provision of holes for the use of motorcycle wheel clamps, anti-skid aluminum plates and eyebolts for securing the ratchet tie down straps.

🔺 The electro-hydraulic control unit in external cabinet that can be fully integrated in the LV8 modular workshop furniture. You can have the up and down controls integrated in the workbench, so the ergonomics of your workspace will be improved, the time work will be reduced and the mechanics’s productivity and efficiency will be increased.

🔺 6 different standard colors in addition to the infinite possibilities of customized logos and colors, according to your brand identity or that of the main motorcycle manufacturers: Ducati, Triumph, Royal Enfield, Honda, Piaggio, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, BMW... 

🔺 By adding the ISOL8 treatment to your motorcycle lift you’ll be able to work safely on electric motorcycles. ISOL8 is the world's only and first surface treatment studied in LV8 which electrically isolates the lift and makes it suitable for electric vehicle maintenance.

Nano motorcycle lift for MGM-Technik's workshop

The Nano is certified, you can be sure of that!

Our motorcycle scissor lifts are CE certified by TUV 

The difference between a CE certification issued by TUV and a CE self-certification by the manufacturer lies in the fact that in the first case the product undergoes a series of mechanical tests to make sure that it actually has all the performance characteristics that define it. As a result, the TUV certification marked on a scissor lift certifies that you are purchasing a high-quality and totally safe product

Find out on our website 100% Made in Italy, safe and reliable motorcycle lifts, designed and manufactured for the specific needs of motorcycle workshops and dealerships, racing team and service centers!


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