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Motorcycle paddock stands: from entry level to professional models, expand your product offer!

24 July 2023
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Motorcycle paddock stands are undoubtedly a fundamental part of the basic equipment in any motorcycle workshop, dealership, or garage. When a Brand (Ducati, Kawasaki, KTM, Honda, Yamaha, Triumph, Piaggio) or a dealer has to expose his bikes in the showcase or even present them, the motorcycle stand is a very incisive element on his perception.

There are different types of motorcycle paddock stands, depending on the motorcycle, let’s see them from top to bottom.

If you already distribute motorcycle accessories, helmets, spare parts, or if you have an e-commerce online, integrate motorcycle paddock stands will make your business grow!


The main categories of paddock stands

Despite the simple functionality (to support and lift the motorcycle from the ground), there are different variables of motorcycle paddock stands with different technical features. So, behind a motorcycle paddock stand hides much more than it seems: they are also useful for activities such as oil change, for refilling various liquids and for a very accurate washing of the vehicle.

The two macro categories of paddock stands advised by LV8 are divided into:


  • DIAVOL: suitable for maintenance operations on any type of motorcycle;


  • U-STAND: the universal paddock stand and available for front and rear wheels, patented connection system and anti-scratch protection.


A wide range of paddock stands suitable for all needs


Off Road

off-road paddock stands are used especially by specialists who carry out maintenance operations on dirt bikes or enduro, by high-level racing teams, but also by riders who run at amateur levels.

Both versions with a fixed structure and those with lifting system are used, in order to comfortably lift the motorcycle without having to move it by force.

Generally, the load capacity is about 180 kg for top models.

Rear paddock stands

This is the most common line on the market, allowing you to lift the rear wheel. Since the forks of road motorcycles can be both single arm and dual arm, also the rear paddock stands are produced for both versions.

The universal dual arm rear paddock stands are supplied with V cursors or rubber cursors to fit all motorcycles.

The single arm paddock stands are equipped with a pin that must be inserted inside the wheel hub. They are generally more expensive and are used on more sports motorcycles such as the Ducati Panigale V4.

Front Stands

Lifting the front axle is definitely a secondary factor compared to the rear one, but be careful not to underestimate it.

The front paddock stands are divided into 2 types:


  • The first one lift the motorcycle from the fork through cone, rubber or roller cursors


  • The second type refers to the stands that lift the bike from the steering tube.


These, in particular, are the best to carry out important maintenance to the motorcycle since they allow you to disassemble suspensions and front wheel.

How to choose the paddock stand to be included in your product range

When it comes to paddock stands, it may seem obvious but even the smallest of details can make a difference, also based on the use, more or less professional, that is made.


Which criteria to consider before making the choice?



First of all, it is very important to check the quality of the materials and the attention to detail with which the paddock stands are made. Steel is usually used mostly in the most common versions, while for competitions aluminium is preferable.

It is no coincidence that the LV8 racing paddock stands are made of aluminum, designed to be as light as possible and at the same time ensure high quality standards.


2- Shipment and storage

The U-Stand range of paddock stands has a strong point, which lies in the particular way of packaging with which it is supplied, which makes it perfectly suitable for international shipments, both by truck and by sea. The packaging is designed to ensure the transport in total safety, ensuring maximum safety to the product. It is also possible to stack different quantities of paddock stands on a euro pallet.

The customizable and branded paddock stands, the innovative solution of LV8

Just in time to talk about U-STAND, our range of paddock stands configurable in 7 colors (and not only).

If you own a brand, you have the possibility to customize the paddock stand based on your liking, completely re-branding the graphics of the stand, according to your brand identity or the one of the most famous motorcycle manufacturers (Ducati, Kawasaki, KTM, Honda, Yamaha, Triumph, Piaggio).

Learn more about the U-STAND professional motorcycle paddock stand 


What are you waiting for? Become a LV8 official distributor and start importing LV8 products in your country, or create your own customized product line!

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