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Another goal achieved! LV8 set up Ducati and Honda in Wien.

09 November 2022
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Leading dealers, car and motorcycke manufacturers now recognise the importance of perfecting themselves by adapting quickly to the growing needs of their business. It is therefore essential to identify the best garage and workshop equipment on the market in terms of quality, durability, flexibility, functionality and style. Within the workspace,  the workshop equipment, the vehicle and motorcycle lifts and technical furniture play a decisive role in employee productivity and comfort, and consequently, in customer satisfaction

It is necessary to plan efficiency-boosting activities, increase productivity and reduce waste. That is why it is important for entrepreneurs to pay attention to the design and functionality of their working environment. A key to success, especially after the Covid-19 emergency, is flexibility. In order to achieve this, it becomes essential to select garage equipment and modular furniture that help improve the efficiency and productivity of their employees.

The official dealership Ducati Honda Wien Liesing decided to relay on us to design, furnish and set up its two workshops.


Why did Ducati and Honda Wien choose the LV8 products ?


LV8 is a team of experts , technicians and designers who develop solutions according to your needs and requirements,  in cooperation or partnership with the most important Motorcycle Manufactures. The activity begins by studying the floorplan , the internal and external flows and all those elements that are important into a professional work environment. Every day we inspire people by bringing innovative solution in order to improve their business and the experience of their Customers.


Made in Italy

The whole range of our products is 100% made in Italy. Our paddock stands, scissor lifts and workshop furniture are completely designed, manufactured, tested and assembled into our Facility.



We offer a wide assortment of modular workshop furniture , scissor lifts and premium garage equipment. In addition to aesthetics, our workshop furniture offers many storage and organization solutions that make the most of your available space. You can also choose from a wide and inclusive range of motorcycle lifts according to your needs.



We take comfort, safety, durability and functionality into great consideration. There’s a constant search for quality and technology In our products in order to improve our your daily work.



Over the years, workshop furniture and equipment design has evolved to provide suitable working environments for today’s new technology and changing employees work habits. One of the greatest advantages of our products is versatility, providing you with the ability to modify, add or adjust sections and rearrange workstations to meet the ever-changing needs of your business. Our Nano motorcycle lift, for example, should not necessarily be put inground thanks to its minimum height (7,5 cm when closed), so you can move it in case of different need of space over time. The workshop furniture is modular and can be implemented over time.



Now more than ever , it is important to show a workplace that reflects your brand or company image and values.

The Customer satisfaction also passes through this detail. Clients will be impressed by the consistency of your brand’s image and will come back.

Our team of professionals is specialized in innovation and design that increase the appeal of any workspace.

You can emphasize your company’s individual character by selecting from our wide variety of styles and designs.


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