The versatile Qube® furniture: not only bikes!

Contemporary shapes and unique combinations of materials and colors are the qualities that characterize

the Qube® furniture configuration for your spaces. Not only design pieces but complete furniture solutions, functional and of particular aesthetic quality, designed for everyday life and supporting different ways of working in order to easily adapt to multiple spaces.

The composition possibilities are various thanks to the many modules available: workbenches with 2-door cabinets, service modules, trolleys and fixed drawer units, service modules with power sockets integration, air and electric socket reels, wall units and equipped corner storage cabinets. The modules are available in different versions according to modularity of 400,800,1200,1600mm, finished with customizable paints and logos.

Qube® furnishes your work space with elegant personality through products easy to transport, to implement or separate into multiple configurations, thought and designed for constantly changing settings to adapt to new spaces. The furniture’s modularity also translates into interchangeability, is possible to substitute one module with another according to the different and changing needs of work that over time may require place variations or diversification.

Qube® creates order, rationalization, work efficiency and gives solutions to a lifestyle that pushes us more and more towards a hectic and dynamic daily rhythm, safeguarding our business and our profitability.

Qube® is:           

  • 100% thought, designed and built in LV8®
  • 100% functionality
  • 100% creativity and style
  • 100% versatility

That's why LV8® crosses the boundaries of two wheels and also provides different realities.


LV8® is also QUAD!

Autofficina Galizzi, dealership and workshop in Bergamo specialized in the repair and preparation of ATVs, Quads, snowmobiles, jet skis and side by side, selects Qube® furniture for the work spaces of his workshop and Galizzi Factory Racer team , an official  Yamaha team captained by Paolo Galizzi, class 2001, 4 times Italian champion and participant in the European and World Championship QuadCross 2019.

Tool trolleys and drawer units, 2-door cabinets, service modules, air reel and industrial electric sockets, in addition to the innovative suspension bench with top and grids in stainless steel, 100% made in LV8®; making the operations of race vehicles maintenance prepared by the expert mechanics of the Galizzi team highly performing.

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