LV8 Supplier of Puccetti Racing - Official Kawasaki Team


Puccetti Racing has relied on the highest quality guaranteed by Lv8 Elevate, which provided four Nano 350 Track models with electro-hydraulic control unit, custom-made with green-black colors and Kawasaki logo.




The Team was born in 1996 when Manuel Puccetti 18 years old, takes his first steps on the cheap in sports competitions, because of his family passion for racing, starts running in 125 SP in the regional championship followed only by parents and friends. In 1998 and 1999 he takes part in the Aprilia Challenge 250cc Trophy with good results, getting the 12th final position between 60 competitors.


In 2002 “ Puccetti Racing Team”, an amateur sport club,  is formally born from the need to manage its own partners and sponsors, and Manuel decides to provide his own experience by getting run three 14-year- olds on Honda 125 GP in the same single-brand with good results. Manuel is also involved in the Italian Supersport Championship with Yamaha, but he has been injured in an accident that keeps him out of races for half a season.


In 2005 Puccetti disputes 3 races of the European Supersport 600 Championship with Kawasaki and arrived 9th in Cartagena (Spain) as his best International performance.   


In 2006 Manuel Puccetti disputes with a heavy heart his 11th and last season as racing driver in the European Supersport Championship by placing a great 10th place in Cartagena; in 2007 he quits his pilot job to focus himself 100% as Team Manager of his own Team.

In the 2008 season, Kawasaki Italia recognizes the team's high quality jump made during 2007 season and forges a new partnership with the team led by Manuel Puccetti who becomes Kawasaki Supported Team.

With Kawasaki they achieved great scores, win after win, but the biggest ones have been in

 -  2013 where they get: 

  • 1st win of the Italian Supersport Championship
  • 2nd win of the European Championship STK 600
  • 3rd top 10 in the Supersport World Championship

 -  And in 2015, when the Team of Reggio Emilia climbs to the top of the world in the Supersport categories (reconfirming himself also the following year) and the European STK 600. An unforgettable season from   beginning to end, which ended with the climb of the highest top in 2 World categories

In this moment, the Kawasaki Puccetti Racing team is committed on two fronts:

  1. Superbike World Championship, where Randy Krummenacher at the moment is ranked 15th
  2. Supersport World Championship, where Kenan Sofuoğlu, Kyle Ryde and Michael Canducci dominate 4th, 7th and 11th  place respectively.


We wish all the best to Puccetti Racing Team for the next races of this season!