Kavir Motorcycle, leader Company in the Iranian motorcycle distribution, importer of KTM, Kawasaki and Vespa, installed its new workshop relying on the most important Italian brands in this field, including LV8 ELEVATE.

Kavir relied on our sales and designers team, who planned the entire workshop, with 5 workstations.

Each workstation is designed and equipped with every need and equipment, tailor made LV8-Qube furniture, Nano and Goldrake lifts and Beta dedicated tools for motorbikes, included in the Moto Race Tools Kit, exclusively distributed by LV8!

The workshop has been also equipped with:

• An oil distribution station in stainless steel

• A workstation dedicated to the preparation and maintenance of lead and lithium batteries, equipped with 9 battery chargers

• Bapro road simulator

• Replacement angle with tire changer and balancer

KAVIR Motor has been evaluated by the Iranian Standard & Quality Inspection Co. (ISQI) under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce of Iran and obtained the highest rate among 32 Iranian producers for "after-sales and customer satisfaction " for the last two   years.


We thank Kavir for the trust shown and we look forward to a long and successful collaboration with this important international Company