LV8® space-saving solutions: the restyling of Yamaha La Spezia (Italy)

"How is it possible to obtain a reception area and several workstations inside my workshop, an irregular space with a limited size?"



These are the doubts and requests of many customers, including Cintoi, a historic family working with motorcycles, scooters and bicycles since 1923, and Yamaha's official dealer for La Spezia and its province since 2015.

The LV8® staff, thanks to an in-depth planimetric study and a careful analysis of the flow inside the workshop, has identified the ideal solution for the Customer, a real "space saving" strategy to optimize the work area for the purpose of greater comfort and work capacity.

We are well aware about the environmental problems that arise in environments built in small urban areas such as Liguria, with adverse consequences of their operations and profitability.

In these cases, after a careful technical evaluation, the number rule is "less is more", that is identifying the equipment and furnishing elements that are essential for your work.

And what better lift if not the Nano’s in ground version to move vehicles more easily and quickly, reducing waiting times and facilitating maintenance operations.

The hydraulic safety, managed by a double cylinder with self-lubricating system, prevents the operator from having to constantly insert and disengage the traditional mechanical lever, moving from time to time to the side of the bridge.

The up and down commands that can be integrated into the interior also make it possible to obtain a completely free working area, free of obstacles or disturbing elements.

The use of a professional lift, approved and implemented according to the principles of ergonomics and safety, such as the Nano, contributes to increasing and improving reliability, well-being and the performance of the workshop.



Together with the Nano, the Qube furniture is the protagonist of this state-of-the-art installation.

If the space is small, you are not obliged to give up having workbenches perfectly designed and equipped according to your workflow. It is sufficient to rely on modular systems with elements that can be customized and adapted according to your needs.

First stronghold: use the vertical as much as possible, considering high containment cabinets solutions, where you can store manuals, safety devices, tool cases. The bottom panels, often blind or predisposed for air/electricity arranged in more spacious environments, they will be configured with grilled panels for fixing tools and small parts trays, a must-have for restricted and uncomfortable environments.

The acceptance area, if obtained next to the entrance, in an apparently uncomfortable and narrow space, can be exploited to the maximum by opting for a bench equipped with a single but essential lower containment element, in this case a module with shelf and closing shutter in aluminum.

The upper element to be preferred, on the other hand, will be a tool holder grid equipped with a notebook and plug-in support with compressed air connection, electrical and USB socket. (800 or 1200 mm wide) but with the indispensable elements for a suitable vehicle control and a practical compilation of the work card, in all practicality and ergonomics.

A small size workstation (800 or 1200 mm wide) but with the essential elements for a proper check-up of the vehicle and a practical compilation of the work-paper, completely practical and ergonomic.

No renunciation then! The secret is an adequate, rational and contained distribution of the elements.

Trust our experts, reorganizing and setting up the spaces of your workshop to recover time and money will no longer be a problem!


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